Boarding for Your Furry Friends

New owners David & Antonio would like to welcome customers new and old to Rushmere Kennels & Cattery.
They are planning some big changes and improvements over the coming months so keep in touch for all the details.
In the meantime it's business as usual, only better!
Call us on 01502 740 612 to book
or email us here.


Due to rising costs and to be in line with other local boarding establishments we have had to increase our prices. This will come into effect for all bookings from January 1st 2020

From January 1st 2020 our new prices are as follows:-

Please note all prices are inclusive of 20% VAT, heating and insurance.

DOG BOARDING.                                                                           

Single dog            £16.50 per day      

2 dogs sharing     £26.00 per day

3 dogs sharing     £35.00 per day

4 dogs sharing     £44.00 per day


Single cat                      £10.00 per day                     

2 cats sharing               £17.50 per day

3 cats sharing               £25.00 per day

4 cats sharing               £35.00 per day

Kitty Scratch
Golden Dog
dog running with toy
Green Eyed Cat
Dog in Action
Licking Cat
Beagle Puppy
Dog Outside
Dog Walker at the Park
Rescue Puppy
Cute Cat
Cat Eyes
Pug Closeup
Tug of War
Orange Tabby Cat
Dog Listening
Shih-Tzu at Beach
Brown Dogs
Canine Hairdresser
Two dogs
Sweet Dog
Two dogs