At Rushmere, we cater for both short and long-term boarding for both cats and dogs.

No matter what the length of stay, your dog or cat is left in experienced hands and looked after properly in a safe and appropriate environment.

Boarding Kennels

We  have a relaxed but professional atmosphere for pet care, a kennels where your dog will really feel at home. All our kennels are generously sized and able to accommodate more than one dog (same families only) if required, so families do not necessarily have to be split up!

It goes without saying that hygiene and the comfort of your pet is of the utmost importance and all kennels are thoroughly scrubbed between occupants and a rigorous cleaning routine is carried out with great attention to detail every day.

As with the cattery, full isolation facilities are available in the event that any dog requires veterinary attention. We are also happy and able to administer medication if required at a cost of £1 per day.

2020 saw the opening of our new purpose-built kennel block. It comprises 19 spacious luxury rooms, each room with it's own personal play area. All rooms are individually heated and the kennel block is tiled throughout.


We are with your dog from around 7·30am when we clean their kennel and take them out for their first play in our exercise paddock. During the afternoon we give all the dogs more time in the paddock where they can play ball, or on hot days play in the paddling pool. During these exercise periods, your pet will not come into contact with dogs from other families. We also offer  20 minute one on one play sessions with one of the team. If you would like to book


We feel that a good nutrition is essential for your pets well-being, therefore we do not feed "cheap" brands of food. We feed Arden Grange which is a premium hypoallergenic dry dog food which contains all the nutrients your pet needs to maintain a healthy diet. This is fed with or without meat according to your pets needs. If you prefer your pet to be fed his/her usual food you are welcome to bring this with you.

The young and the old...

Here at Rushmere we welcome young puppies for their first time kennel experience.

Many clients are, quite rightly, apprehensive about leaving their new puppy in kennels for the first time

We ensure that all new puppies and young dogs are gently nurtured into the kennel environment thus allowing them to settle quickly and gain some confidence.

We closely monitor progress, any mood changes, input, output and general demeanour and give support, encouragement and plently of TLC where required. Only when we judge that the puppy is ready do we expose it to the normal daily routine of kennel life.

Thus after the first experience the young dog is set up for the future and looks forward to its kennels holiday!

On the other hand if your dog is getting old and infirm, the same criteria applies, close monitoring, encouragement, TLC and gentle exercise is the order of the day

Kennel Cough Vaccination

Many clients ask the question, "Does my dog need to be vaccinated for kennel cough before being allowed into boarding kennels?"

Anywhere that dogs congregate it is possible for kennel cough (canine bronchitis) to be passed on. Kennels with a rapid turnover of guests can be particularly susceptible. We recommend that all dogs are vaccinated against the disease, although we do not insist on it.  Please ask your vet for details of the vaccination and advice.

If you're unsure in any way, please seek advice from your local vetinary practice as they are eminently qualified to advise you accordingly.


All pets must be fully vaccinated before admission to either the kennels or cattery
Proof of vaccination is required upon registration and we ask you to bring along the documentation with you, so that we can update and maintain our own documentation, which is required by law.


Dogs are walked 2 times each day at no extra cost. Boarding for dogs is £18.00 per day. A  discount is given for two or more dogs from the same family sharing a kennel. This price is all inclusive. If you dog requires medication, we are happy to administer this for £1.00 per day

Boarding Cattery

We are pleased to announce the opening of our brand new, luxury cattery. Set some distance from the kennels our purpose built cat chalets have been built to the highest spec, in line with current cat boarding regulations. Each cat has a thermostatically controlled heated sleeping area on 3 levels with viewing platforms overlooking the hedgerows and fields. They have access to a fully tiled and insulated play area 24 hours a day via 2 cat flaps. Scratching posts and toys add to your cats comfort and enjoyment during its stay, and we invite you to bring these with you.

Each cat's area has been carefully designed and accommodates up to three cats from the same household sharing if required.

As with the kennels, full isolation facilities are available in the event that any cat requires veterinary attention. We are also happy and able to administer medication if required.


Boarding for cats is charged per pet at £11.00 per day. A discount is applied if two or more cats from the same family are sharing a pen. This price is all inclusive. If you cat requires medication, we are happy to administer this for £1.00 per day