peak periods

Please note the following peak periods are subject to a 4 day minimum stay. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

Peak Periods 2022 are from 14th July until 14th September and 18th December until 4th January 2023

dog boarding

Dogs have 2 play sessions in the paddock every day. Boarding for dogs as of June 1st 2022 is £20.00 per day inclusive. £18.00 at present. A discount is given for two or more dogs from the same family sharing a kennel. If you dog requires medication, we are happy to administer this at a cost of £1.00 per day. All dogs are fed on hypoallergenic, grain-free food, with or without meat.

cat boarding

Boarding for cats as of June 1st 2021 is charged at £11.00 per day in our brand new luxury cat chalets. A discount is applied if two or more cats from the same family are sharing a pen. We feed all cats on hypoallergenic, grain-free food and meat.. If you cat requires medication, we are happy to administer this for £1.00 per day